C# Design and Application Patterns

Course Description

The C# Design and Application Patterns course teaches .NET developers how to apply best practices to their .NET applications. While a thorough understanding of the C# language is key to development success, developers should also understand how to write loosely-coupled code that is based upon proven best practices and patterns. By applying design and application patterns to the development process, more consistent, flexible and maintainable code can be written.


Dan Wahlin

Course Length

3 Days


Experience using the C# language is required before taking this course.


C# developers looking to take their development skills to the next level.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Design Patterns
    • What are Design Patterns?
    • Why use Design Patterns?
    • Selecting a Design Pattern
    • Key Language Concepts

  2. Creational Design Patterns
    • Abstract Factory Pattern
    • Singleton Pattern
    • Builder Pattern
    • Factory Pattern
    • Prototype Pattern

  3. Structural Design Patterns
    • Façade Pattern
    • Decorator Pattern
    • Adapter Pattern

  4. Behavioral Design Patterns
    • Observer Pattern
    • Chain of Responsibility Pattern
    • Mediator Pattern

  5. Application Design Patterns
    • Overview of Application Design Patterns
    • Model-View-Controller (MVC)
    • Understanding the MVC Pattern
    • Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM)
    • Understanding to MVVM

Private Onsite/Online Pricing for Development Teams

Class pricing is based on the number of class days and number of students in class. We normally allow up to 24 students per class.

The course pricing includes student access to an electronic version of the course manual, lab manual, sample code and lab code. Courses can also be customized if you'd like to run a shorter or longer version of the course.

If you'd like more information on pricing or want to schedule a class for your development team please contact us and we'll be happy to provide addition details.

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